Cruisers 2

21 April       Preseason talk with Des McWilliams and supper RStGYC

29 April       DBSC First Sat Race

20 May       RIYC Day

8 June Novice Race

10 June       Lambay Race

24 June       Race to Greystones with dinner

29/1 July     Captains Day RStGYC

6-9 July       Volve Dun Laoghaire Regatta

13 July Ladies Race RIYC

22 July NYC Day

24 August    Ballot Race

27 Aug Greystones Regatta

30 Sept DBSC last Race (2 races)

26 Oct         AGM NYC

17 Nov Annual Dinner RIYC

We will be partiipating in all of the above events as part of the Cruisers 2 fleet, bar the Dunlaoghaire Regatta, where the Sigma 33s will race as a One-design Class for the Sigma 33 National Championships.