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Sigma 33 East Coast Association
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Dublin 4
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The Annual Sigma 33 Dinner and prize giving will be held on Friday 26th January 2018  in the Royal St George Yacht Club. For a variety of reasons we really need all the support we can get for this Dinner from current and former class members. I will explain more at the AGM  on 27th November 2017.

The other new news is that  Dick Lovegrove  has agreed to run the Dinner and more importantly the prize giving. This will give a new life and an invigorated approach to the whole night. It is important that all prize winners are well represented. It is an opportunity to showcase the strength of the class to our guests. It is your class: you have to take on the responsibility and ensure a good attendance.

You will receive updates from Dick shortly. Please put the date in your diary.

Winter well

Paddy Maguire

Sigma 33 East Coast Association
6 South Lotts Rd ,
Dublin 4
M 087 2361916

East Coast Association AGM, 27th November 2017

Royal St George yacht club  @ 7.30pm 

1.Minutes of AGM 2016
2.Class Captain's report.
3.Treasurer’s report
4.Appointment of Officers
        Class Captain
        Vice Captain
        Event Manager
        Record Keeper
        Safety and Compliance officer and assistant
        Hon Secretary.
        Club Reps.
        Web Site
5.   Event Calendar 2018
6.   Outline 40/40 project
7.   Details of Annual dinner Friday 26th January 2018
8.  Any other business

Why Sail a Sigma 33?

In the last race of the Volvo Dun Laoghaire series 2017 we finished third, I knew it is third as I could count the boats in front of me. We sail a Sigma 33 which is a strict one design keelboat so you can clearly see the results of a good or bad performance on the water. The merits of Sigma 33 are well documented.
We enjoyed the series and competitive racing that was provided in a good fleet of 19 boats. On the way home I wondered why others enjoyed sailing Sigma 33 so I asked them. Their replies were as follows:

Philip Lovegrove “Rupert”
“The Sigma 33 provides a great value option for good one-design and handicap racing as well as being a safe and comfortable cruising boat. She rates very competitively on IRC and there is a succession of top quality one-design events coming up in Dun Laoghaire but we have also cruised very happily to Scotland, Wales, England and the south coast of Ireland.”

David O Flynn “ Moonshine”
“I started sailing with Pierce Butler and Ronnie Moloney in 1990 in Pierce’s Impala. We had great fun with her in Cruiser’s 2, regularly racing against the late John Marks in his Sigma 33. Pierce sold the Impala, and bought “Moonshine” a Sigma 33. A few years later Pierce sold the boat to Ronnie and I, but luckily, he continued sailing with us for many years.
My main motivation in buying the boat was that I loved sailing and I really loved the boat. She has beautiful lines and looks fantastic in the water. She also behaves well, being much more stable than the Impala in heavy weather, and yet good in lighter airs too. She’s also really solid. A proper Yacht.
Anyone who enjoys competitive Corinthian sailing, without having to write enormous cheques, would do a lot worse than buy a Sigma 33. There’s the added benefit of easy-to-manage family cruising, comfort and a bit of style. However, the best part is the craic.”
The one common thread is we are all enjoying the Sigma 33 and having fun.

Paddy Maguire
Class Captain
Irish East Coast Sigma 33